What is the Global eJournal Library (GeJL)?

It is a discovery service to global e-journal literature published in open access format. Launched in 2014 by a joined effort between Mr. Walter Kny, a renown serial entrepreneur and international public speaker in the fields of education technologies and innovation leadership, and the research & development team from Informatics India Limited from India, the Global eJournal Library provides seamless access to millions of open access journals articles published in over 22,000 journals from over 8,000 publishers. As per January 2016, it provides access to more than 9,000,000 open access journals articles from 130 countries worldwide. The number of articles keeps growing on a daily basis and it is our aim to reach 10,000,000 in mid 2016. The process of collecting, curating, organising, indexing and making discoverable open access journals articles started back in 2001 and its scope embraces Gold OA Journals, Delayed OA Journals and Professional & Industrial OA Journals.

What makes the Global eJournal Library unique versus all other sources of open access journals?

Open access journals have been around for decades and there are good and well known sources of them on the web: DOAJs, PubMed, Google Scholar, EBSCO, ProQuest, etc. These are all very professional efforts to give visibility to OA Journals but the breadth and diversity of open access journals publishing is much greater than what these services are able to provide. The main difference of the Global eJournal Library and all other services is our significantly greater scope of coverage of open access papers.

The Global eJournal Library is the only one to provide seamless access to:

  • Gold OA, Delayed OA and Professional & Industrial OA journals papers. Other services focus for the most on Gold OA only.
  • More than 9 Million OA Journals papers in english language. Other services provide access to lesser than 2 Million in english language.
  • ​More than 22,000 OA Journals with discovery at paper level. Other services provide access to lesser than 6,000.
  • ​COUNTER-Compliant usage statistic report for open access journals only. Other services provide stats without separating OA journals.

Access to journals with embargo period worldwide!

The global eJournal Library is the only discovery service to provide access to subscription journals worldwide after their embargo period has been met. We keep track of the embargo periods of thousands of subscription journals worldwide to make their articles discoverable once the embargo period has been fulfilled. Embargo periods vary vastly from one journal to another. For some journals the embargo period is one year while for others just three months. Our team keep track of all them so that our users can gain visibility to those journals that their libraries don't subscribe to but that become open access after embargo.

Access to Professional and Industrial Open Access Journals worldwide!

Many companies are turning to publishing the results of their research work on open access journals. The main aim in many cases is for the company to be able to prove that they are the first to work on specific technologies or that they are an authority in a specific field. Such type of corporate open access journals are not available in most libraries nor in most open access discovery services. The Global eJournal Library provides the most complete compilation of corporate OA covering thousands of them. Their publishing format is mixed with some publishers publishing online in non-downloadable format while others in PDF. Many of them don't follow library cataloging best practices making the task of tracking them and organizing them a very difficult one.

How Does the Global eJournal Library reach so many journals at article level? Answer: People like you and me.

Most discovery services of open access literature rely on software technology. In other words, automated harvesting processes where web crawlers are sent out to open access publishers website, or the OA publishers have provided their data to the aggregator or a mix of both. For some OA journals this works wonders, but for most it doesn't and this is the reason that more than 80% of open access journals articles universe remains out of reach from existing OA aggregators. The Global eJournal Library employes hundreds of informational professionals who scan the web, visit OA Publishers website, search for articles and their MetaData, organize them according to library best practices and make them discoverable. It is very time consuming but the result is that researchers can finally have a level of discovery of open access articles never seen before.

Global eJournals Library